Chemical elements

Americium Applications


Americium-243 is the most long-lived of americium isotopes with half-life value 7358+/-42 years and, perhaps, the least interesting of them. It is used mainly in radiochemical research as well as for synthesis of some transuranium elements up to fermium. Americium-243 targets were used on the Institute of Nuclear research in Dubna (Russia) in elements number 102 (Nobelium), 103 (Lawrencium) and 105 (Dubnium) synthesis.

The applications of Americium-241 are significantly more extensive. It emits alpha-particles along with soft (low-energy) gamma-radiation with energy value just 60 keV, which differs significantly from cobalt-60 radiation with millions eV; moreover, it is constant, i.e. the Americium-241 radiation is monochromatic.

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